Susan Gansert Shaw

SusanGansertShawAs morning awakens to the spring equinox and winter seems to be retiring I notice the days are a longer, and, yet, only yesterday the rains came again.  It was perfect… pure joy! Breathing in the damp cleansing air is so amazing.   I am now, at long last, spending more time in my studio.   I am pulled between creating in the studio and creating in Rock Hollow….both are loves of mine.  What direction do I want to venture?  What medium do I want to touch today?  How can I best express my feeling of love….love for those close and those far…love of the earth… of the stars… for the beach?   When I feel the sun…the rain….the wind ….I know that I am in the right place.  When I feel the energy of the water rushing down the rivers,  or while I listen in on a conversation of crows or see the most absolute amazing spring  green on the whole planet  in a Dungeness farmers’ field….I know that I am not finished yet.  There are more colors to be used….lines to make….more paper to explore.  Please enjoy……and don’t forget to laugh……and oh, my gosh….the swallows have returned to the ‘hollow’ today!

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Flying Cats 1  web ready.jpgFlying Cats 2 web ready.jpgFlying Cats 3 web ready.jpgMartin%27s Edge - web ready.jpgDungeness Forks - web ready.jpgAlishia - web ready.jpgPussys-for-Peace.jpg

Web ready A Roosevelt Decision.jpgWeb ready Elwah 1.jpgweb ready Elwah 2.jpgWeb ready   Untitled.jpgWeb ready Piller Point.jpgWeb ready Matilda.jpgWeb ready Willie & the Peas.jpgGoing Up JPEG - web ready.jpgDunn's Pond.jpgHighland Forest.jpgGoing Home II JPEG - web ready.jpgGoing Home I JPEG - web ready.jpgGoing Home III JPEG - web ready.jpgHome Again Otter - web ready.jpgGoing Home Again - web ready.jpg