Stephen Portner

The Accidental Artist

steveportnerI call myself “The Accidental Artist” because most of my work starts out as a product that has a particular use and is likely to be used everyday. I then enhance my work with extra touches that make that piece unique. I pay special attention to how a client lives and works, the environment this takes place in, the particular style a piece needs to be to fit in that environment and, most importantly to me, what void are we trying to fill.

I lean towards the Arts and Crafts style because it has clean and simple lines which lend themselves to variations ranging from the useful and sturdy Shaker, Stickley and Roycroft pieces through the more striking furniture of the Greene Brothers, and Frank Lloyd Wright. This style is of particular interest to me but not an exclusive one; I make a variety of wood products in many styles.

P2080961.JPGP2080970.JPGP7181068.JPGP7181069.JPGbed_headboard.JPGbed_arts_and_crafts - Copy.JPGbed_cloud_ lift_detail.JPG74.JPG79.JPGTable%2520Chair%2520and%2520Painting.JPGInternet%25201.JPGCedar on Cedar.JPGP8110309.JPGP8220323.JPGP8220328.JPGP8220332.JPGA.JPGD.JPGP stool top view.JPGPointdexter stool 1.JPGPortner Podium.JPGPortner Podium Detail.JPGP6240655.JPGP6250677.JPGP6250688.JPGP6250705.JPGP8020828.JPGP8020843.JPGP8020844.JPGI.JPGA.JPGP2060690.JPG55.JPG54.JPG42.JPG41.JPGP2161276.JPGP2060254.JPGP3311209.JPGP3311212.JPGP3311214.JPGP3311217.JPG