Mary Franchini

maryfranchiniI am an experimental mixed media artist living, working and teaching in Sequim. I use water based paints most of the time and add papers, fabric and found objects when works call for them. My images may be somewhat realistic, impressionistic, abstracted, non-representational or “tempering chaos.”

I love to use simple objects as a starting point for paintings. Then, I push the envelope of what I already know to learn more as the painting unfolds. I also like to build new paintings on old, sometimes regretting saying good-bye, but trying to leave some hint of the old.

Look for my art at the Blue Whole Gallery

Bridges and Boulders.jpgBetween 2 worlds.jpgTaos Guardian _edited-1.jpgShopping Guardian.jpgViewing in Grey 300.jpgViewing in Mid Value 300.jpgViewing in Light Value 300.jpgThe Number 2 cropped large image.jpgThe Clean Up Crew jpg m.jpgrocking to the monn 4.jpgwaiting at the Bistro.jpgBistro Chair.jpgStory Time.jpgLaura.jpgJennifer.jpglow tide at realto 1_edited-300.jpgDungeness River_edited300-1.jpg

Seqim Party Girl.jpgIn the Wind 2.jpgCantelope.jpgCupcakes.jpgLady with Flower 2.jpgLady with Flower 1.jpgWaiting for the Parade.jpgIMG_5610 (1600x1200).jpgGathering 4.jpgPiety.jpgCottages.jpg